When we found out that our first child was a girl, I knew that she had to be named Margaret. My mother-in-law's family has a tradition of naming children after the parents. So, my husband and sister-in-law are Robert and Margaret and my father-in-law and mother-in-law are Robert and Margaret. Mother-in-law Margaret's mother? Margaret. Mother-in-law Margaret's brother Ira, is the third in a line of Iras who hailed from the Mississippi Delta. Mother-in-law Margaret told me that her father was actually the second son. His older brother had been born about six years earlier and named Ira for the boys' father. However, the new baby favored their father very much, while older brother, Ira looked more like their mother. So, the parents decided to name the new baby Ira, and bestowed a new name (Partee) on their first son, formerly known as Ira.

To properly keep with the tradition, I really should have named our first born daughter after me, but that felt a little strange, and since my sister-in-law didn't plan to have children, I thought that we should keep the Margaret tradition going. However, as you can see from this story, it is very confusing when you give everyone the same name, so I really wanted our Margaret to have her own identity. So, while her given name is Margaret, we call her Molly. She is spunky and cute and I think that Molly suits her perfectly. Also, when she's playing soccer, it's a lot quicker to shout, "Go, Molly!" than "Go, Margaret!"

-Susannah, Atlanta, GA