My parents, Bettie and Perry Duryea, were living in my father's home town of Montauk NY during my mother's pregnancy, but she was visiting her parents in Westchester Co. NY @ the time of my birth. As the story goes (no one is left with whom I can confirm) my mother and grandmother Nappy (nicknamed from Little Napolean - she was a feisty 5' woman who never wore pants) were on the train to NYC to buy a couch when my mother's water broke. I was born @ Columbia Presbyterian hospital in upper Manhattan; I don't know if that was the plan all along or simply the closest hospital. In any event, I was three days old before I was named. My father was so convinced I would be a boy that my parents hadn't discussed girl names. Hard to believe. My father happened to see Lynn on a map of MA and thought it sounded good with Duryea. Thankfully I agree. I have no middle name, although I used to consider taking one. Growing up in Montauk, a very small town in those days, no one else was named Lynn. I thought for a long time I had a very unusual name.

-Lynn, Boone NC and Deer Isle, ME, USA