When we found out that our third child was a girl, I knew I wanted to name her either Sarah or Elizabeth after my sister. I favored the name Elizabeth because it's so classic and offers so many possibilities for nicknames. So, we arrived at Elizabeth easily, but my husband and I couldn't agree on a nickname (Elizabeth seems such a long name for a little baby). I loved Elsie because it's cute and different. He preferred Liza. We settled on Betsey. When Betsey started pre-K this year, she announced that she would be known as Elizabeth. All of her new classmates know her as Elizabeth and I have to keep catching myself not to call her Betsey or Bets. I'm waiting to see if she picks a new nickname next year when she starts a new school for Kindergarten. I wonder if she's doing this just to get new personalized clothes.

Susannah, Altanta, GA