Shoes belonging to Clarence Hayward (1894-1896). Clarence Hayward died as a toddler and the next boy born in the family was also given the name Clarence. The second Clarence Hayward lived from 1901-1979 and is buried in Glen Oak cemetery.

The second Clarence Hayward above was my Grandfather. My Dad and Mom Donald and Marie Hayward named me, as their first born of seven, to honor my Grandfather. He was the best Grandfather a child\man could ever have but I regret I was not named a more common first name and had Clarence as a middle name.

I am not positive but I think my Grandpa Clarence did not appreciate the name too much either. Imagine being called Clarence as a toddler or teenager. I will turn 61 soon and about 5-10 years ago I decided new people would know me as CJ, short for Clarence John. I feel more comfortable as well as younger being called CJ.

My Grandfather was someone who could fix anything. He was a gas station owner as well as a carpenter. Most of all he was a good decent, moral man who I looked up to.

My Grandma Rose Hayward, his wife, was the best Grandmother a boy\man could ever have as well. She was a wonderful homemaker, cook, and nurturer of her 10 Grandchildren. I miss her and the fried chicken she would make on Sundays.

Our first born we named Jennifer and our second born we named Jason. I am so happy they can go through life with very common names.

Arthur Hayward, my Grandpa's father had a father named Jonathan Hayward who fought in the Civil War alongside his 15? year old son. If anyone knows more about Jonathan Hayward I would be interested in reading about him.

-Clarence J. Hayward "CJ", Elgin, Illinois