My whole name is Destiny Rosa Caton. My mom had a lot of health problems so she was told she couldn’t have kids. My dad ended up leaving my mom before I was born. She was going to name me Jasmin. The doctor told my mom that I probably wont make it and if I do I probably wont make it the first 24 hours. I ended up being born a month ahead of my moms due date. She went in scared but I made it. The doctor told my mom im her “destiny.” That’s why im named destiny

-Destiny, Kernersville, NC

I was born in 1996 so technology wasn’t as great as it is today. So when I was in my mothers stomach they thought I was a boy. So my mother and father would have named me after my father. When I was close to being born they found out I was a girl instead and thank God I was because I do not really care for the name Travis. As I was younger I would always be called Destiny’s Child after the song group. Then as I got older people thought it was cool when I would have my own child it would be Destiny’s child.